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Notepad is currently available to Possibilities subscribers.

If you are a subscriber, tap reply from your copy of the newsletter. That will give me your Possibilities subscription address. Ask for your identification key (typing "notepad key" will be sufficient) and I will personally respond with your key.

Use Notepad to keep your notes accessible on all of your devices.

Tap here for the one‐line install code and instructions.

Want to see a live example before installing yours? Tap here.

The web page with your notes is located on your website. No login, no cookies. If it must be protected, it can be put into an IP‐protected directory or a directiory with another type of protection.

If you are not a subscriber (or even if you are), there is a stand-alone version you may install on your website. It can be found at Easy-Install Auto-Save Notepad.

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