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Notepad Installation

Notepad is installed with one line of code. It works with both WordPress and non-WordPress websites.

Simply paste the one line of code into your web page where you want Notepad to show up. (For WordPress, paste the line into a "Custom HTML" block.)

One-Line Install Code

Below is the one line of code. Notice the red text, the blue text (in 2 places), and the green text. The red text must be updated. The blue text and the green text may optionally be updated.

<div id="NP240719"></div><script src="" type="text/javascript" async></script>

1. Replace the red MYKEY in the code with your identification key.

2. Paste the one-line install code into your web page where you want the notepad to show up. (The div may be styled with borders or however you wish to style it.)

When the one-line install code is pasted into your web page, you are good to go.

For WordPress, paste the line of install code into a "Custom HTML" block (works for posts, pages, and widgets).

Optional customizations —

blue text

The blue NP240719 text is the id of the div where the notepad will show up. The NP240719 is specified in the div tag and also within the JavaScript URL, which informs the software what is the id value of the div.

The id values assigned to HTML tags must be unique on a web page.

If you wish to have more than one notepad on the same web page, then the id value assigned to the div, the blue NP240719, needs to be replaced for the second notepad and also repeated within the second notepad's URL. The replacement may be any sequence of letters and numbers so long as it begins with a letter and is different than any other id value on the web page.

green text

The green toolnotes text is an internal name for the file being used to store the notes. It tells the software which previously-saved notes to load into the notepad and which file to save changes to.

If you have more than one notepad, you are likely to also want more than one notes file. (The exception would be if you want the same notes to show up in separate notepads. If that is the case, get in touch with me first because there could be overwrite considerations.) To specify another notes file, change toolnotes to any sequence of letters and numbers to represent your notes

— Styling —

The div tag may be styled like any other div tag. Borders or a background color may be desired, as examples.

— When Done —

When done with optional customizations, paste the one-line code into your web page where you want the notepad to show up. For WordPress, paste the line into a "Custom HTML" block.

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